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3 cosmetic problems solved with bonding and contouringIf you can point to a flaw – or multiple flaws – with your smile, you can gain by learning more about cosmetic dentistry. With its emphasis on addressing problems with the appearance of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry offers solutions to a range of esthetic concerns. Bonding and contouring can offer an effective treatment for a problem tooth that drags down your smile. These procedures can cost less than receiving porcelain veneers, and you can typically have them performed in a single visit. Dental bonding is a process where a special resin is applied to your teeth, and contouring involves precisely shaving small amounts of teeth. Both of these can produce dramatic results.

1. Make A Small Tooth Look Larger

A tooth that is smaller than it ought to be can make your smile look odd, and can leave a visible space between it and a neighboring tooth. Bonding can add to the size, so that it enjoys a more appropriate appearance.

2. Clear Up Cosmetic Tooth Damage

Contouring can smooth out a small chip in a tooth caused by an accident. For a larger chip, or for a crack, dental bonding can return the tooth to a more natural appearance. However, if the damage is too significant, you should expect to need restorative work done on the tooth. A large enough crack or chip may leave the tooth in need of support from a dental crown.

3. Targeted Correction For A Discolored Tooth

Sometimes, an injured tooth can have its color change. This discoloration is not effectively treated through traditional cosmetic whiteners. Bonding can cover up the color of an injured tooth.