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2brightLet’s clarify something real quick: We have some helpful product suggestions for you that you can fit in your pocket. If you have spacious pockets, that might mean you can keep them in your pants or jeans. However, if you’re donning a pair of skinny jeans, this might mean you need to resort to your purse pocket. Whatever the case, toting along some helpful, easy-to-carry dental hygiene products can offer you powerful protection when you’re away from your usual arsenal of preventive care products.

#1: Chewing Gum

Never buy gum that has sugar in it! Only purchase sugarless gum. If possible, go for gum that has been sweetened with xylitol, a natural ingredient that aids in stopping plaque from sticking to teeth. However, as long as what you choose does not contain sugar, chewing on this breath freshener can help with your preventive care: It removes leftover food on your teeth that your toothbrush usually removes, it cuts down on plaque, and it happens to taste good, too.

#2: Travel Floss

You can find tiny containers of floss at the drugstore in the travel aisle. While a container of floss is already pretty small, this one makes preventive care when you’re not in your home a lot more accessible. Now, when you get food stuck between your teeth or experience a piece of black pepper that won’t rinse away, you can address the issue without trying to come up with your own on-the-go flossing contraptions. Remember, anything sharp like a toothpick has the power to do more damage than good, so keep floss within reach when possible.