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2redWhen you learn about the reasons to treat gum disease, you likely come face to face with the fact that it is progressive and quite dangerous. You may hear that it will cause your gums to recede, that it can cause serious damage, and that if you don’t treat it immediately, it can last forever. However, you may be overlooking some of the very real side effects that will occur as a result if you do not receive immediate treatment. We would like to explore some of these with you, so you better understand why preventing or addressing the issue is so important.

Reason #1: To Avoid Losing Teeth

If you suffer from gingivitis or a more advanced form of gum disease – and you choose to avoid treating it – tooth loss is a very real and likely result. This is not something that only happens to people who never brush or floss, or to older individuals. It is something that can happen to anyone. Our suggestions? Schedule twice-annual visits with us for checkups and hop to it if we suggest therapy for your gums.

Reason #2: To Avoid Costly Repairs

If you lose your teeth, the gum disease will not go away. Instead, you will have open spaces in your smile as well as periodontal disease. The longer you neglect the problem, the more complicated and costly the repairs will become. Skip the need for tooth replacements and advanced care and address the issue the moment it occurs. Remember, it is always best to contact us if you think something may be wrong.